We offer a big-4 service level in a distinctive way. We also fit to smaller companies having need for professional global mobility services.

To give you a better understanding of how we approach requests and what type of solutions we provide please have a look at three practical examples.

Tax withholding abroad

Subject: Project worker with tax withholding obligation in host country

Issue: No employer presence in host country and home entity to file tax return and pay taxes

Our solution: Defining taxable compensation in host country. Providing Excel tool to calculate monthly host country tax withholdings. Supporting employer registration with tax authorities and first tax return filing

Benefit to client: Simple solution enabling client to self-manage tax withholdings in host country

Net compensation estimates

Subject: Attracting candidate from abroad for job position in host country

Issue: Knowing quickly net income value of gross compensation offered in home country and responding with more competitive net income offering in host country

Our solution: Gross to net salary simulations in home and host country considering different tax and social security scenarios

Benefit to client: Very quick turnaround time providing valuable results

Labour ministry inspection

Subject: Inspection of accuracy of salaries paid to project workers assigned to Switzerland

Issue: Demonstrating compliance with Swiss requirements

Our solution: Break-down of home compensation, conversion to Swiss salary structure and carve out of Swiss work days. Accurate grading of project workers and explanations to the labour ministry.

Benefit to client: Successful inspection and further guidance regarding compensation requirements in Switzerland