Our services support you during the entire assignment cycle. We provide assistance to company human resource department to manage assignment programs and take care of compliance requirements to the company and the mobile worker. We cover tax and immigration regulatory aspects and organisational matters such as compensation and assignment agreements.

Depending on your specific needs you can chose the level of assistance you require. We can offer a wide range of service and support from case to case or run a full outsourcing of your mobility program:

Mobility consulting

  • Assignment and compensation structuring
  • Payroll instructions and implementation
  • Pre-assignment briefing
  • Mobility policy and concepts
  • HR process design and implementation
  • Project based consulting

Tax and social security consulting

  • International tax planning and avoidance of double taxation
  • Verification of social security obligation and continuation options
  • Pension planning and impact on tax
  • Tax and social security estimates for home and host country
  • Gross to net and hypotax calculations

Tax services

  • Arrival and departure briefing
  • Tax return filing
  • Tax equalisation calculation

Payroll services

  • Tax withholding calculation
  • Tax return filing and salary certificate
  • Shadow payroll services

Immigration services

  • Work permit application
  • 90 day notice procedure in Switzerland

Social security services

  • Certificate of coverage application
  • Social security filing

Assignment administration outsourcing

  • Assignment letters
  • Balance sheet calculation
  • Cost projection

HR task outsourcing

  • Actual payroll
  • Compensation data collection
  • Contact to individual (case manager)
  • Contact to local HR (case manager)

Vendor management

  • Vendor coordination
  • Proposal support and vendor selection